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December 04, 2007



Nice! Keep up the good work:)

Jason Roberts

Thanks Jeff!

I'm waiting for another article from you ;).


I'll be sure to attempt one after my finals:)

Vale, meus amicus!


You really quite horribly miss the mark with Ferguson, though I agree with you in other ways (I believe if you read his books, you'd actually agree with him. Or rather, he'd seem to agree with you. Just because someone uses out-of-context quotes from a brilliant historian to prove his point doesn't mean that the brilliant historian is wrong).

Also if you study Roman history very closely, you'll notice how few centurions there actually were around during the republican time - especially before the Marian reforms. Only thing that was significantly different between the US and republican Rome in this regard was the fact that Rome could levy taxes. Of course the difference between a country paying interest on a loan or taxes is pretty much semantics in this instance.

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