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January 26, 2006


Bruno T. Raymundo

Congratulations for an excellent post!

You made me want to read "Nichomachean Ethics" as soon as possible!

Jason Roberts

Thanks Bruno!

The Nichomachean Ethics are a must read :). I suggest picking it up as soon as possible.

Afterwards, if you would like to see the Ethics in action, I'd pick up Polybius. His history of Rome during the Punic Wars (the wars against Carthage) provides some real-life, historical examples of what Aristotle teaches. It's amazing!

Bruno T. Raymundo

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll look into it.


This is an excellent entry. However, that being said, I do have two disagreements offered respectfully. First, I do think that the femminist assault on men and masculinity is an intellectual movement (as well as cultural). I have read too many femininst arguments which include masculinity as part of the problem with any social problem. Read this entry by Nick Provenzo to get a taste of what I am saying:

Second, I have a little trouble with this statement, "Instead of a man who is moderate, men are now told to indulge themselves in the luxuries of life; to spend huge sums on fashionable clothes, stylish haircuts, and manicures." I agree with your overall point and the other examples you gave but this objection comes across as almost Spartan, encouraging almost a form of asceticism. There is nothing wrong with the luxuries of life, fashionable clothes, stylish haircuts and manicures. These are all life affirming things to be enjoyed. Now if you are going to say that persuing them to impress others is wrong I would completely agree. That would be second handedness. But in and of themselves I see nothing wrong with them.

So with those two minor criticisms I think your post was excellent.


Is it a coincidence that manly men disappeared at the same time women stopped wearing dresses?


I would imagine manly men disappeared in the 70's after the anti-culture revloution of the 60's. Nihilism and a general ugliness have permeated most of popular culture. It seems men have progressively become wimps and women have progressively abandoned class and stature and become tasteless and tacky in their attire with the slut paradigm as the preffered expression of their "individualism". (I'm not saying this applies to all women, I'm just describing a cultural trend.) Modern philosophy came to totally dominate the broader culture after the 60's. There are few remnants of the earlier more benevolent eras left.


This is the first entry I have read of this blog... wow. I am off to read more!

thank you

Jason Roberts


There might be some sort of connection there. I'd never thought of that. I won't say it is "the" reason. But the age where "beautiful women wear beautiful dresses" is surely out the window.


I agree with what you are saying. I'd also say that I think another reason women today, especially teenagers, look more "slutty" is because they've yet to find a man of Confidence.

Nick Munro,

I'm glad you liked it! I hope that you enjoy some of my others as well :).

Wendy S.

Paula Cole's "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone" is not sung as a nostalgic song. She's actually being sarcastic. Look at the rest of the lyrics. By only posting the chorus to this song you are completely misusing it.


This was very interesting, and a few good points were made, but I don't entirely agree with your stance. It's almost as if you would like America to go back to the 1950's, back to when women weren't considered as good as men. You didn't really expand on how a feminist’s "view of womanliness [is] skewed." What do you think the correct view of womanliness is? What should a woman be? Should she stay out of the workplace? Should she be only a housewife? Perhaps you would like America to go back even further, before the 1900's, before women's suffrage.

"Instead of a man who is righteously indignant, men are now told to turn the other cheek; to forgive and forget; to be compassionate to our worst enemies. . . . men are now told to . . . love thy neighbor as thyself." I don't believe the feminist movement advocated Christian ideals, but if it did, what is so wrong with that?


You seem to have ignored the ridiculous sexism and stupidity that went along with what being a "real man" was in American culture. I don't think there's anything wrong with the "metrosexual" movement. At it's heart, it's an aesthetic one, if you think it emphasizes the adoption of men who are are misguided. Is there something inherently wrong with men who don't have to feign and posture to put on a set of acts that establish that they're what we consider "masculine"? You can phrase it however you want, call it being "feminine" and "unmanly", but to me, they're just more realistic about looking desirable for women. And why shouldn't they be? Women have had to uphold an infinitely greater number of visual requirements to impress men over the years. Wearing tight clothes that emphasize one's sexuality and being detailed about one's appearance have been solely female spheres for much of history---and now that "metrosexual" men are starting to repay the female gender by acting in the same manner, men who cling to archaic ideas about what "masculine" is are frightened. There is no reason to cling to the past conception of masculinity, except for the fact that it lingers in the minds of the backwards minded, and those who don't want to adapt and compete with those are willing to repay women for being sexual objects by being sexual objects themselves. I see no reason why we can't completely restructure what being masculine means if we want, or at the very LEAST, allow those who want to room to experiment. Yes, there are probably ways in which the socially generated conceptions of male and female are useful, but you can't deny there are also ways in which they are damaging and unequal and probably unnatural, so I say allow men to search for what the definition of true masculinity, if there is one, is unencumbered by a warped past.


In response to Jason Roberts, she is not being sarcastic in that sense in "Where have all the cowboys gone?" and the writer of this blog has the right idea. The whole song if you REALLY pay attention has to with a woman falling in love with the old fashion ideal of a cowboy, the I will take care of you, share the workload, type of man. Instead she ends up with a man that forgets her, "I am wearing my new dress, you don't even notice me." and is out constantly, "And you join them at the bar almost every single day of the week." Watch a western some day... a nice good John Wayne movie. I was raised on them and I would DIE for a REAL cowboy!
As for the blog, despite being a feminst myself, I still believe that there ARE some difference in the sex and they are there for a damn good reason. I think the whole movement has gotten out of hand. I personally would love to see more renaissance type men. Men that were strong and capable and yet could enjoy art and beauty. My father taught me how to not just mow the lawn and fix a car but how to sew and iron a shirt right. To me that is the perfect man, he was still the breadwinner, a capable strong sure man that could defend his family and yet understood that everyone is capable of doing anything they set thier minds too without worrying about male/female roles. You can be a gentle understanding man that takes care of yourself (my father would get manicures once in awhile) and STILL be a tough hero type of male.

Melanie Podbielski

I agree with a lot of what you say in this blog. The description by Aristotle of what a manliness describes many things that have almost diapered in our culture today. However I do not see why this should be a description only of ideals for men. Men and women both should aspire to love justice, show patience, speak and act straightforwardly, not deceptively. If these are manly qualities is this to say women who are independent, courageous, and just aren't real women? I agree with most of the ideals discussed in this blog but not that a person should only strive for a set of gender-specific ideals. Good character is universal.

Jason Roberts

Wendy S.,

That she is being sarcastic, merely from reading the words, is indeed understandable. However, when I combine the words with the emotions portrayed in the song, I gather a much different picture.

Jason Roberts


You raise some very good points. My purpose behind writing this was not targeted at women, but men.

I fully support the belief (or fact really!) that women are equal to men and should be treated as such. However, it is a fact that women have a different psychology than men. As such, I view it as important that a man fulfill his psychology and not try and live under the psychological visage of a woman.

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This is the first entry I have read of this blog.Is it a coincidence that manly men disappeared at the same time women stopped wearing dresses?


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