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August 18, 2005



Of all the ARI lecturers, Peikoff is my favorite,I love listening to him speak.


Jason Roberts


You are very welcome :). This lecture is amazing, and I would suggest it to ANYONE.


Certainly the lecture is excellent. That is what to expect from Dr. Peikoff, but his comment that he'd rather live in the past is, to me, sad.
After all, the last 100 years brought us Ayn Rand and her philosophy. It surely is a long, dark road ahead, but if Objectivism gets a hearing and is accepted, the future is unlimited. If each of us, to the best of our abilities, do all we can--daily--to spread the word, then we will have made a difference in the culture.

Jason Roberts


Why is it sad? While Ayn Rand certainly is a wonderful person who has brought forth an amazingly benevolent philosophy that works, the Greeks and Romans had an entire culture similar to Ayn Rand's philosophy. Can you imagine an entire culture that worships reason, individualism, freedom, hard work, etc.? I admire Peikoff...and quite frankly agree with him.

Of course it is important to note that he said this is optional. You can be just as happy now...or during the Founding Father's times...etc.


Hey, you havent posted in a while, I cant wait to hear from you again.

Anyways, I found something that you WILL definetly find interesting(the attachment called"Homer's Leadership Portraits"is fascinating)


Carrie Walker aka: free spirit

Hi Jason!
I'm Carrie from THE FORUM. I was looking at your profile and linked to this website. Very interesting!
I got that video lecture as a gift and love it as well. I also love the Ancient Greeks and agree wholehearltedly to his comment about preferring to live in an intellectually rich time. It's very unfortunate that Dr. Peikoff is "bitter". Although, I can see both sides to the argument. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I love that lecture too!

Jason Roberts


Thank you for that essay. It was indeed very interesting! I might take a dive into it and post sometime in the near future.


I know who you are :). I'm glad that my site interests you.

You are very right. The lecture by Dr. Peikoff is one of my personal favorites (and for that reason too...because it is so personal). I hope you find some of my future posts just as interesting!


"Thank you for that essay. It was indeed very interesting! I might take a dive into it and post sometime in the near future."

Wow,happy to see you're back . . . And im glad you enjoyed that essay.Can't wait to read your thoughts on it.

Good luck, and Happy Posting.


One thing about the Ancient Greeks that made them civilized is that, unlike what they called the "barbarians" -- a word which to them literally meant "the unthinking" -- their city-states did not engage in torture.

Contrast this with statements by Leonard Peikoff, or Yaron Brook (head of Peikoff's "Ayn Rand Institute"). They are outspoken in advocating government institutionalized torture.

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