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Homer Reborn: Classics For Today


What would you do if you discovered a treasure map? Probably laugh and toss it aside.

But what would you do if you discovered a treasure map-and part of the treasure?

That is what happened to me when I first read Polybius. Not only did I discover the treasure map (The works of the Greeks and Romans), but I found a part of the treasure: happiness.

That is where I am today: following the dots on the treasure map. At the same time, I'm calling others to do the same; that those worth it should have a piece of the treasure too. You are here-which means you are worth it (and so are your friends, so invite them!).

The best part about this treasure? It is unending-because it is spiritual. That's why I gave up milk for the Classics: it does a body good.


The Classics, Objectivism, Ayn Rand